Seducing the Mirror

Projecting and reflecting

Issue #37

By Vivienne Arkell

Today I want you to pull up a chair, take a good look into the mirror, and greet yourself like I greet myself daily. Simply say “Hey cutie, hi sexy, helloo sunshine, yo woman or way to go hot stuff.” Next, tell the mirror how grateful and lucky you are for your able body and inquisitive mind.

Why do I want you to do this? You’ve heard about aura, projecting and the universe supporting your desires. So it’s up to you go for it! Project confidence and others will perceive you as confident. Reflect competence, sensuality and warmth and others will bask in your reflection.

Where to start on this seduction of yourself and those who will naturally mirror your vibe? Your perception of yourself is first and foremost. Do you have a vanity where you can admire yourself and contemplate your strengths? The classic dressing table with a mirror has almost become a relic in modern days of small apartments and minimalism, yet it’s a window into the strength, ego and soul of a woman. Trinkets and tokens of your life generally encircle the mirror and decorate the tabletop. Photos of family, a younger you and loved ones reinforce the richness of life and journeys traveled. Favorite perfume bottles add scent to savored memories. You’ve made it through thick and thin and your resourcefulness and capabilities give life inherent value. You don’t have a vanity or shrine to yourself? Time to make one. Let it reflect how you are wonderful, complex and sensual.

Your perception of others is also fundamental. Do you feel people are generally good, doing their best, sharing themselves, and looking out for community? Our friends and lovers act as mirrors, helping us to define who we are by reflecting ourselves back to us. Are we exhibiting reflecting qualities that radiate positivity? Even if someone’s life differs from ours, it’s a great moment to learn about us in contrast. Project the warm aspects of yourself and others. Negative vibes attract negativity. Show faith in your friends, family and co-workers. We all know that a welcoming, social being is a magnet for dogs and humans alike.

Last but not least, contemplate the sensual life and what you seek to accomplish. Project confidence and competence with the task at hand – not just how to do it, but how do you resonate with it. Seduction is a mind exercise as well as a bodily encounter. Make others feel special and loved. Focus on the visual of their pleasure, instead of your technique. Just be into it, and their desire will reflect and shine back on you. Your lover’s recognition will mirror your desire, making all desire even stronger.

The reciprocal energy from your own strength will complete the circle and reinforce love, filling you with that awesome combination of comfort as well as inspiration to grow. Abandon yourself to the pleasures of sensuality. Follow your dreams, take action, and manifest the inner you. Seduce that mirror, yourself and the universe.


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