Temporary Romance

Issue #39

By Vivienne Arkell

Kat scoffed, denying it, but down deep she knew she was busted. Her modus operandi was pure and total romanticism, envisioning the particulars of each fairy tale before the first date.

“ Vivi, you should see this new guy. Besides piercing blue eyes and a huge nose, Hudson loves the same music. Plus he’s just over forty and an artist,” she enthused.

I rolled my eyes, but maybe I was a tad envious. And I had to give her oodles of credit for staying so optimistic. Kat’s intellect was unable to embrace a new lover without coupling him to a story that filled her imagination and inspired physically feelings deep within her body. Every new man Kat met was going to be the one. Planned out before the first date, Kat’s creativity had them penning sexily adoring texts, cooking exquisite dinners together and sharing luscious naked nights of abandon. It was actually easier for Kat to find compatible men, as she could invisibly and secretly mold each one to be the perfect man of the moment.

From across the bar, I could see the sparks start to fly. Hudson was immediately attracted to her as it comforted him to see such a strong and sensual woman so intently interested. She had started projecting on him: truth, goals, appreciation, and support. He already felt his impulses and interests mirrored in hers.

Kat’s creative powers produced vivid images, ideas and sensations. Within minutes, just eye gazing, Hudson was under her spell. Romantic thoughts and touches created instant connection. She and Hudson kissed softly – scene one of their novel. They would kiss passionately on a corner outside for scene two.

Energy created energy. With her vote of assurance projected on Hudson, it immediately instilled confidence in him. How could he not feel awesome and continue to be so. This lovely creature worshiped his words, fully entertained by his stories and smiles.

As they left the restaurant, I could see that pleasures of the body would soon create pleasure in Kat’s heart and soul. As with others, Hudson would be mesmerized by her touch and fancy her devotion to sensuality and passion. He would feel like her perfect man that night, and she the perfect woman for him.

Kat would romance this new lover like no other, wooing Hudson for real. The relationship would have some texture and intellect, but more imagination and butterflies. She cared deeply, yet sure as fear of loss is essential to any true romance, heartbreaker became her middle name. Intensity was Kat’s strength and ultimate weakness bundled in one.

Ultimately, Kat chose her lovers just as she chose friends. Each made her truly feel – feel good about herself, connection and her life. For laughter and comfort, stimulus and pleasure; even if it was only or often temporary. Kat’s romantic visions always kept her excited, imaginative and a bit on edge. And when the magic wore off? She would find a new lover, with beautiful stories and new romance included.

Image credit: foto @simplyalicia.jo


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