The Art of Sensual Intention

Nourish the relationship

Issue #43

By Vivienne Arkell

It’s your year for greater awareness. By focusing on what more you want from the practice of sensuality, you’ll be able to set intentions and nurture those seeds to enhance pleasure, connection and self.

Intentions are slightly different than goals, as a goal is a destination or specific achievement. Intentions are lived each day, independent of reaching the destination or finish line. They inform the process of living a sensual life. Intentions keep your focus and efforts active in the present.

With intentions, you don’t even have to know how.Just try to clarify what you want to create for yourself.  The steps for how will become clear along your journey and readings here at The Sensualogist as part of your practice.

First, take some time to reflect on your accomplishments. What elements of yourself and your sensual growth are you most proud of in the past year? Put a star, check, or heart by those. Perhaps you have a few notes in your journal? In any case, make time this week to start or restart the process and your practice. Spill out the things that are totally great as well as the things that could honestly be better.

Create your own statements of intent. Here are a few essential aspects of sexuality to get you started in assessing and envisioning this year’s personal, sensual intentions:

Intentions guide your experiences and inspire you. They help define your motives, desires and reflect on the continuum. Start the process by noting those aspects or areas of your practice that need feeding and attention. Jot down what you want more of and why it’s important to you and your relationship. What would have to happen to have a more fulfilling sex life? No matter how deeply you follow it, sensual intention offers clarity and direction. 

Remember to write a statement that is specific enough to draw out the desired result, without being too specific to exclude a surprise gift from the universe. For example, if your intention is to amp up foreplay, be careful about wishing for only ten more minutes of flirting and necking. You never know when your partner might be inspired to add a nice long session of oral. Perhaps your intention is to harvest more desire within your own body? Be willing to put aside unnecessary stress and commitments when the universe presents you with a wild impulse or an excited partner who might be able to coax arousal and hidden desire from your body.

With your enlightened approach, intentions can expand and you may find yourself outgrowing them. Reword intentions as needed so they are newly aligned with where you are at that moment – what you have created and who you are becoming.

 As you practice sensuality, within yourself or with a partner, you will feel nourished. Self-expression and confidence will blossom. Direct this new energy and vibe. Nurture it fully and excite with sensual intentions.


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