Ready for Takeoff

By Vivienne Arkell

The engines were revved and ready to roar. Take off has always been my favorite part of any flight – whether on a plane or on the ground. Yes, of course I love the luscious lounge, sensual snacks, conversations and prep before my flight. But there is nothing as thrilling as getting off.

Sometimes it’s scary to fly alone, but just imagine a hot partner is there beside you and all that rumbling is getting both of your motors charging. But tonight I didn’t have to imagine. He was sitting right next to me.

Miguel was one of those men who looked much better in person than in his photos. He would have been a terrible poker player, as his hazel eyes were deep open pools that couldn’t hide a thing. Could genuine peace and caring really live within this gorgeous man? And though I had no intentions of going home with him that night, I didn’t want to refuse him. I don’t think there were any stories in particular that clinched it, but I knew more about Miguel in three hours of oversharing than I did about friends I had known for years. Our connection was natural and pure. And after two glasses of wine, I already felt the excitement growing in me.

Miguel’s moves were as slow, rich and meandering as his storytelling. He didn’t spare any details. His touch was soulful and passionate, immediate but not rushed. He was proud and thankful that we got to test out our wings that night.

While we lay there spooning and making plans, I tried to keep my mind from drifting. I wanted to memorize the moment and yet understand why a few hours with this man felt so different, so unique.

Sex was about where this man took me, not where he touched me. Though I do think he also touched my heart.

The next day it hit me, while dreaming and still coasting in mellow skies. It was the first time in months that I wasn’t having sex on autopilot. For certain flights, I do a disconnect from my emotions. Often I will step outside the experience briefly to actually fly higher and climax more readily. Did I have my body trained rather than just perfectly tuned? Not that night with Miguel. My feelings went beyond the usual lusty thoughts and focused on connection. I’d been vulnerable and completely present. Hmmm. Is that how we were able to develop such profound intimacy so soon in our friendship?

I’ve landed from my soaring heights where I bathed in the calm that comes from meshing with another human so deeply and soulfully. I’m excited about our plans to cultivate feelings, desire and understanding, even though I realize that means there’ll be worry about it fading.

Wish me luck staying a few inches off the ground, continuing to fly with warm intensions and an open heart.


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