Embracing Nuance in Your Body

Focus on sensual excitement

Issue #44

By Vivienne Arkell

Sensuality’s excitement and turn-ons start within us and throughout our body. With new awareness, sensuality and sexual feelings enter naturally into your life. Sensual energy within you is reborn. You cultivate this whole new way of perceiving your sexuality.

How do you stay connected with your body’s sensual energy?

1. Start by being curious and actually sensing and paying attention to tiny details. Some days, don’t you see the flowers as more colorful and vibrant? Remember the day that your coffee smelled extra yummy and rich, while the croissant was like velvet on your tongue? Cultivate this step to being naturally sensual every day.

2. Pleasure happens in your body. Sensitizing our bodies to touch or being touched takes exploration. In The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know, Chia and Abrams explain, “To enhance your experience: Imagine energy flowing through your fingers into the body. Imagine the hands touching you are not your hands. Take a few deep breaths and start very slowly. Remember, 30-60 minutes.”

Focus and pay close attention to sensations everywhere in your body. Starting from your face and hair, travel slowly down your body sensing each area that you touch. Notice the specific sensations you feel in each area. Try not to analyze, just take note of the different sensations of pleasure – warm, tingly, flushed, excited. Keep the pleasure building into your V.

3. Listen to your body when it speaks to you. Often we are so busy that we forget to stop and feel. When we are in tune with the energy in and around us, we clear up space to linger and pleasure the body. Learn to follow these bodily sensations and desires. Love, explore and embrace all of your body and the magic within. Trusting and allowing your body to lead, instead of the mind, can be amazingly freeing. We often rely on others for touch when we can bring pleasure to ourselves and that little pink bud. Certainly, sex and sensuality are seen as a couple experience, yet the ability to feel and be aroused should not depend on others.

Savor yourself and commit to your body this year. Embrace the courage and power within you and your body to discover new sensual excitement to come.

Check out The Multi-Orgasmic Couple: Sexual Secrets Every Couple Should Know  by Mantak Chia and Maneewan in The Sensualogist bookshop.


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