Tapping into Your Power to Seduce

Believe it, BE it

Issue #45

By Vivienne Arkell

Oh, what we tell ourselves in weak moments. If only my tummy was smaller, I felt desirous or if my partner seemed interested. The vicious circle of excuses and self-doubt can really block the flow and put a shutdown on our sensuality. In long term relationships it’s very easy to fall into low-sex mode, but it’s time to psych yourself up this evening or weekend and just BE seductive!

Let’s face it, very few women have a figure like this babe in the crimson lace slip. But help your mind a bit by looking the part of a seductress. There’s no need to put on tons of makeup, constricting undergarments or an outfit. Yet prepping that bod for your seduction with clean hair, shaved legs, scented essential oils and soft lips will certainly up your desirability factor. How are you supposed to set things in motion and feel sexy if you look like you just plopped on the couch after a long day? Pick a sensual camisole or low cut cashmere top to hide that tummy, pair it with some sweet panties or tap pants and you’re ready to snuggle up for the seduction.

Confidence starts with BEING, as much as doing.

Now that you look welcoming, it’s time to get into the mindset, the role and feel the part. Feel the mood and let your mind take you away with sensual thoughts, images or fantasies. Believe in your feminine power, mind over body. Gaze and smile at your partner with emotion filled intent. Sex is about sensation. Imagine all those sensations flowing within your body. Let go of your inhibitions so your bodies and minds can respond together in harmony.

You don’t have to initiate to seduce or be seductive. Just be confident enough to share yourself and your body with your partner. Your vessel and its receptive qualities is a woman’s gift to her partner. No need to feel you are in charge. In fact, your feminine energy can be most persuasive when you are vulnerable and in need of closeness, kisses and caresses. Be present, let your soul be filled with passion and just be into it. It’s a huge turn-on when someone pays more attention to you in bed than they do themselves.

Gaining sexual confidence isn’t always easy. Feel free to feed your curiosity by initiating elongated foreplay to your seduction. Be proud of yourself that you did something actively sensual. Even if you didn’t go ‘all the way’ aren’t you thrilled to feel the juices flowing? Maybe you also inspired him to up his game and wear soft loungewear, bathe quickly and maybe even do a few sit-ups before you both snuggle in front of the TV. Sensual intimacy strengthens your relationship with the bonding and confidence you both deserve.

Look the part, feel the part, believe it and just BE seductive. Confidence starts with being sensual, present, and available. Your power to seduce is within.


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