We Three

Issue #49

By Vivienne Arkell

Behind every explorer there’s a navigator. And Matt knew how much I loved to explore. We had been occasional lovers for over five years already so trust and consent were implicit. For tonight’s maiden voyage, Matt was excited about being at the helm. This evening would be quite different because the ship was going to be carrying not just two, but three of us. Me, Matt and his newish girlfriend, Ilona.

Hundreds of questions ran through my mind. Did Ilona truly want to discover the full me or was she in it for sport. Was she a sensual and giving lover? How would Matt distribute the attention between us to avoid jealousy or envy. Of course, I conceded to the encounter without meeting her or discussing details because I’m adventurous. Plus, Matt was the one man who always said what he felt and could communicate intimately with ease.

Ready as could be when they entered the house, I was still surprised. Ilona weighed maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet. She was flat chested with boyish hips and a pixie haircut. ­So visually she was the total opposite of curvy me with my shoulder length waves. Matt was quick to make introductions and moved gracefully to the kitchen to open the wine and light a joint. Smoke and drink helped us find quick courage. Within minutes, we already worried less about rules and focused on unearthing the treasures we had come looking for together.

Knowing us both carnally, Matt proved to be an excellent facilitator. After warming up on the couch, he started to seduce Ilona and me simultaneously, insisting we form a triangle spreading our exchanges of affection.

I had never been in the same room with a passionate naked couple. Watching Matt arouse her so rapidly sparked my own libido and made me want to join in on the action. We focused on Ilona and made sure she reached her first climax before Matt suggested that she turn all affections to me. Juices were flowing wildly, as I wasn’t accustomed to so much attention focused exclusively and solely on my personal enjoyment. The intensity of my orgasm seemed to startle Ilona, but I was in my own world briefly till Matt warmed things up again.

Matt’s hand on my breast, Ilona’s lips on mine, my fingers in Ilona. Matt’s mouth on my nipple, Ilona’s mouth on Matt’s rod, my tongue along Ilona’s ankle. All the pleasures of two but somehow multiplied exponentially. Each of us keeping our hands, mouths and genitals busy and searching on two other delicious creatures. You can do the math on the combination of sensations that were spinning out of control in our temporary universe. Mmmm.

What beautiful confusion as to who was touching me with a freedom of not caring – who was giving and who was receiving. We females had the courage to color out of bounds and for the first time gender lines blurred. The team adventure of multiple hands working toward mutual pleasure was also incredibly special. I relished the exploration of another woman’s body and seeing responses besides my own. Though we uncovered every inch of each other’s bodies, were we really ready to be emotionally exposed? The delight in sharing also brings into play the curiosities of motive, hierarchy and jealousy.

With Matt and I mellow and fuzzy, we all hugged and vowed to gather soon for another journey. I secretly had my doubts if Ilona would agree. My personal revelation for our three-way encounter? Emotional neutrality + erotic flow = exponentially awesome sensory overload.


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