Temple of Pleasure

Issue #50

By Vivienne Arkell

Vivi could probably tell you the exact day of her arrival into embodied sensual enlightenment. It was one of those evenings when all the stars align and energetic spirit is amplified. Entering the restaurant felt simple enough. But by the end of the evening, Vivi would realize what had happened was anything but normal.

It was a beautiful August evening and the speakeasy-like vibe of the tiny locale had always looked enticing. Vivi was thinking about nothing, yet feeling everything and taking in the bustling scene, when the man next to her struck up a conversation.

“Wow you have great energy,” he said softly. “May I buy that glass of wine for you? And here’s my card. If you want to visit my restaurant, dinner will be on me,” he added before moving on to his table. Pleasantly surprised, Vivi accepted the complimentary drink, as it hadn’t happened in years. Warmed by the generosity, she smiled and chatted with a group of three women having a quick cocktail while their table was being prepped. “Join us for dinner hun, our treat” offered the elegant birthday gals. Viv was flattered again, but declined as her boyfriend Mark was due to join her at any moment.

Back home, Mark was also quick to comment. “Babe, you’re such a goddess tonight. Let me worship that temple of yours,” he growled playfully as he nuzzled and kissed her neck.

Truth be told, Vivi did feel a bit special tonight. Embracing the values of an embodied woman by acknowledging sensations, emotions and truths above all, she’d finally accepted her body as the temple of her spirit. Barely remembering the years of denying herself pleasure and controlling her passion, Vivi now honored her temple as a place reserved for a highly valued function: the pursuit of bliss filled joy, love and happiness.

No longer acting as gatekeeper of her temple, Vivi embraced its erotic power. It had taken over forty years to know her body’s true value and capabilities. She now welcomed worship over invisibility. Rituals were respected and she was unapologetically insistent on sensual satisfaction. Feminine life force flowed freely in the vessel that was her body.

To worship her body was to honor, respect and show love for it. After all, this was that vessel and temple which held her heart, soul and energy. Embodiment led Vivi to joy, peace and a pleasure that heals, a pleasure that connects and the pleasure that is love.


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