Previously and Newly Exquisite

Respect your temple by feeding your sensual self

Issue #50

By Vivienne Arkell

I get it, now that I have minimal fear of expressing myself and being myself. In these latest chapters of my life I am exquisite again. Oh, the invigorating effects of flirting and finding time for hot thoughts and even hotter adventures and romances.

Listening to your body can be tricky after years of suppressing everything or putting your personal needs on the back burner. Marriage and/or career often distract us from our sexual selves – as do many things we chose involving productivity, betterment, family and career. However, when we chose to listen to our temple, the commitment to presence and pleasure alone can be just as exhilarating and rewarding as productivity.

Most women are natural nurturers and have difficulty pushing aside that inbred instinct and urge. You’ve done years of it, yet at midlife it’s time to turn the page beyond being a humble and alert nurturer. Start nourishing yourself and let others look out for you as well. Let your partner take care of pleasuring you and feeding your needs, hunger and desires. Leave your inhibitions and self-criticism behind and make sex a guilty pleasure. It’s your turn now, your time too.

Not sure you’re in the mood? What’s stopping you from sharing your temple? Why are you holding back? Sexual wellness, healthy sensations and excitement are key to keeping your body and aura youthful. Take pride in how far you have come and open up to the gifts you deserve. Respect and feed your temple with attention, caresses, necking, petting and more. Make time to get yours, your reward. Your lover doesn’t see the physical imperfections you might imagine. You’ll both be focused on the pleasure and love shared during your sensual experience. Appreciate and use the freedom and feminine powers you have developed.  Restraint can wait.

Accept a little lust with love and succumb to time spent connecting. Dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin levels will rise and you will feel your exquisite beauty. Joy will radiate from within your temple – warm, embodied and alive. Let your body say yes. Keep body and soul tuned, revved and ready, staying in touch so sensuality doesn’t slip away again.

Grab your partner and work up that passion! No LTR and not feeling silver foxes or some patriarch? Find yourself a younger lover; men have been doing this for centuries. Restart the love affair with yourself. Spend your time loving and sharing your body. Keep on writing your sensual story for as long as you can.         

What I’m saying, with love, is what are you waiting for?  Embrace the present while you are still feeling exquisite. Make love now with whomever and whenever you want. You, get it now. Carve out space to nourish your temple, release your inner goddess and feel the sensual magic in life.    

Image: Hilma af Klint  


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