The Magic of Feminine Magnetism

Sensual Energy as Habit

Issue #51

By Vivienne Arkell

The art of attraction can feel quite mystical at times. Being attractive and alluring isn’t only about looks or fancy trappings. We often call it chemistry, but perhaps we should be viewing it from a different branch of science and theory? Considering feminine magnetism as a form of sensual embodiment gives us some amazing insights.

As sensualists, intentions and mindsets can be powerful tools of focus. Yet setting our goals or wishes on a certain desire only works up to a certain point. Calling in our desires using magnetism is not a mind game, it’s actually awakening body play.

Get into your body and beyond intellect and logic. Achieving our goals often seems to involve the power of suggestion, yet for our feminine forces and Yin energies to engage, we need to turn the brain off. When we overthink, we actually disconnect our mind from our body. This, in turn, disembodies us from our senses and female intuition. Connect with all five senses and inner feelings. Breathe deeply and feel your thoughts and emotions. Smell, listen, touch, taste and express those emotions with your body.

– Surrender and feel into emotions. Embodiment coach Jenna Ward, in her many teachings writes “Stop figuring out the meaning and just embrace the feelings…When we avoid our emotions we avoid feeling too.” Ward coaches women to embody emotion, reaching deep into chaos or anger, and move through it with dance or song for release and flow. Ward reminds: “Your body intuitively yearns for an emotional experience that wants to be expressed, known and owned.”

– Engage your feminine flow to enhance desires and attractions. While the feminine forces known in Eastern somatic practices as Yin hold many powers, we women are often unsure how to access them. Reach into your energetic dimension and embrace the life force or Chi. Develop these non-verbal skills. Listen to Jenna when she inspires all to “Use your body as the amazingly sensitive instrument it is to FEEL into the relationship between you and your desire… ​​​​​​​​​​​Our bodies harness their magnetic potential by feeling the deep truth of our worth & our desires.” Feel the nuances within your physical body, energetic body and emotional body. The intuition and confidence surrounding your own experiences and emotions can lead the embodied woman into magical magnetism.    

Cultivated daily, sensuality is a practice that gives energy. Like sensuality, magnetism is a state of being and a way of life. Respect your body and practice by honoring sensual energy. Often, almost magically, you’ll feel transformed into magnetic mode where energetic flow starts drawing in life’s desires.

When a woman owns her sensuality and frees her innate feminine forces, she can become magnetic, attracting things into her life that previously felt out of reach. Ask your heart and soul to open and help you truly own your desires. Embody and draw in these desires, using your feminine energies like a magnet. Actually feel the womanly pleasures, the home, partners and connections you always desired. Attract the situations and love that make you feel complete and full. Indulge in your body’s allure and feminine magnetism by keeping sensual energy a habit.


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