Issue #57

By Anonymous

Let’s face it. Some people are insatiable. They have incredible appetites, like Troy and Vivi.

Vivi never apologized for herself or her desires. She was at that age where she wanted herself and him to be happy, REALLY happy. She admired her feminine powers, and presumed others did too. She didn’t worry Troy was twenty-five years her junior. She didn’t worry that she owned a glamorous coop in Chelsea and he could barely pay his $700 rent in Queens. It wasn’t a problem that they dressed like they were from different planets. They just really liked being together and indulging.

Troy and Vivi fed off each other’s energy and enthusiasm. He fed her body, all of her sexual desires. She fueled his ego and a desire to be listened to and heard.

As for appetite, Troy could definitely beat Vivi when it came to beer, and especially original Nathan’s hot dogs from the source PLUS beer. It was a perfect August night on Coney Island, under the influence of weed, taking in the ocean air and indulgent vibes of summer. Plus, Troy wanted his girlfriend to luv his bff and his neighborhood on her first venture out to his house.

The night proceeded as Vivi had grown to expect lately. Lots of flirting, but minimal lovin’ time. She crashed around 3 a.m. while Troy and Rob played video games into the wee hours. Certain urges had dwindled. The next morning, after a quiet train ride into the city, they just hugged and went separate ways.

Months one thru five had been a joy ride for them. Right from the beginning, their cravings needed to be filled with immediacy. She desired his kisses and parts of his body inside of her. Troy yearned for her touch and her warmly intense gaze, deep into his eyes, for minutes on end. Seemingly hedonistic naked time had surprisingly blossomed into real intimacy with loving emotions.

Yet tonight, the feeding tube connecting them definitely felt disconnected, maybe even severed. You know how after a few weeks on a diet, the cravings go away?  It’s the same way when you go without good sex. And like any successful dieter knows, you break the urge for French fries or red wine by denouncing your appetite and love for them.

The relationship between Troy and Vivi had been vulnerable and real, but their cravings deteriorated to junk food. Nutrients gained from the bond had worked, until they didn’t. Was it because they craved different things once their needs diverged? Or because craving attention had become a cycle, with craving itself becoming the drug. A drug that no longer got them high.

Vivi simply said, “Maybe it wasn’t forever love. But it was dedicated love, romantic love, soulful love making.”

Really any kind of love is a drug… it just depends if you crave it.


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