Feed Your Feminine

Use women’s wisdom to spark awakening and growth

Issue #57

By Vivienne Arkell

“There comes a time when you want more. You want truth. You want passion, self-expression, and the confidence that only comes as you walk your Feminine Genius path,” declares author Liyana Silver in her provocative book Feminine Genius. There comes a point when a woman finally feels it’s time to do and say what she wants. Are you ready to trust your female intuition?

“Feminine Genius is an intelligence that you can use to source your life, your choices, and your contributions to the world that is divine in origin and is felt by you in your body,” Silver explains. As a component of Feminine Genius, “Intuitive intelligence comes to us as a set of sensations, emotions, longings, urges, impulses, and images, all felt in the soma, the body.”

So how do we use this innate womanly magic to tap into our sexual energy, opening up to a more confident and passionate life?  Silver proposes a form of sexual re-education to “become masterful at, empowered by, and literate in one of life’s most potent energies. Instead of being afraid of Eros’s strength and magnitude, we must become students of it.”

Truly owning and leaning in to sensual pleasure, feeding our femaleness, will guide you to see sexual energy as life-force energy. Silver reminds that “[Sensual feminine energy] allows us to feel, not just think; to intuit, not just reason; to be inspired, not just be productive; to want it, not just will it; to enjoy the journey, not just get to the goal; to create life, not just contain it; and to make life meaningful, not just manageable.”

The practice of sensuality and “this kind of sex re-education helps you realize that erotic energy comes in mild, medium, and spicy versions” Silver explains. “It only looks like what we know as sexual energy in its full-blown, spicy versions. Mild, for example, could be a sense of sensual aliveness, of tasting, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and intuiting with greater subtlety and intensity. Medium could show up as flirtation, fortitude, or calculated risk-taking. Spicy could be more obviously erotic, including states of sexual turn-on, arousal, ecstasy, bliss, and orgasm.”

Respect your body as a temple. Re-education engaging your Feminine Genius serves up potent energy. Trust this erotic energy. Feel feminine intuition as sensual energy. It’s flow, throughout your body, can be flaunted or remain your personal secret.

Turn yourself back on. Trust and feed into the feminine and sensual. Bring your Feminine Genius to life, freeing yourself to pleasure and passion.


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