Seeding the Sensual Garden

Cultivate growth and energy to thrive

Issue #56

By Vivienne Arkell

Nature’s vibe is mellow in winter, but I’m beginning to feel the cycle of a fresh new year. As an avid gardener I have to plan ahead! Yet as a sensualist and embodied woman, I juggle to stay present within nature and not be enticed by forecasting, meddling or over planning.

To balance between big resolutions and going-with-the-flow, I’m choosing a word this year: seeds.  For me, seeds signify growth – fresh insights, discoveries, and blossoms full of energy. Seeds can also impart new beauty into our lives and sensual gardens. I’m all about nurturing seedlings and energy too.

In one way, I feel like a seedling myself, ready to enjoy the sun and everything new, warm, and wonderful.

After a cold spell, I’m re-emerging in some wonderfully rich soil – actually fertile mulch. I wouldn’t want a clean new slate. I want some remnants of the past that had to wither and die, adding complexity, depth and food for future life. Let some of that ego, unhappiness, or excess die. Surrender it to evolution, nature and the earth. Mulch is the foundation of learnings, experiences and dreams, feeding tiny seeds and new sprouts.

In another scenario, I am the nurturer of my garden full of new seeds – an entire sensual garden. What’s the miracle grow ‘solution’ for middle aged gardens? Devotion to growth. Deliberate devotion to a garden full of new possibilities brings energy to sensuality. Let me explain.

· Agreeable soil. Your home and physical surroundings speak volumes. Comfy, welcoming spaces open the heart. Is the climate warm and inviting with the air clear of controversy?

· Mix perennial favorites and experience with new learning and growth. Switch things up and make changes. Keep the best of the old and plant some new. Do you want fresh admiration, love, adventures? Implement change through new values and choices. What do you want to grow more of this year? Click on this link if you’d like some suggestions!

· Sensuality is not a part time process. Tend to this daily. Savor yourself. With time, patience, and nurturing, your sensual garden will flourish. Stay nourished, embodied, and practice sensual flow.

· Enjoy the blossoms and eventually the fruits. Some plants will wither of course. Missteps will happen and should be welcomed. Not all ideas and changes reap perfection. Replant those sensations and feelings that bring you joy. Bring those sensual fruits into your bedroom often. Repeatedly plant a new clue, flirt, and coddle that sweet seedling to enjoyment. Treat your love like the newest gorgeous, unique life form they are. See them sprout and bloom.

Keep planting sensual seeds, finding new growth and energy. Everything is a fruit of its seed, some seed. What seeds are you planting? What will you add to the mix and your bouquet?

Whether you are the seedling or welcoming new seeds, your sexuality is a garden. As long as you commit to growing it, you will.

Cultivate new growth in 2020 :)


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