Reclaim the Gift of Sensuality

5 tools for a soulful and sensual life

Issue #17

By Vivienne Arkell

For me, becoming sensaliscious is more a regifting than a resolution. It’s time to take back something that’s already yours! Perhaps you were previously hot and frisky, but let it slide as responsibilities and adulthood slipped in?

An inbox full of new promises and methods can make it challenging to stay authentic, real, and sensual. Yet after taking a few weeks off, to honor invisibility and regroup my radiance, I am ready to share what I’ve relearned.

Can we agree that the ‘re’ prefix is both amazing and exhausting? Revamp, restore, realign, revitalize, reawaken, revive, refresh, regenerate, reaffirm, reestablish, and reset. After considerable reflection, I decided that this week’s trio of realignment essays (including renew and reconnect) would best be completed with reclaiming. Reclaiming turns out to be quite challenging to muse about!

Reclaiming necessitates loving and fine-tuning both body and mind – admiring and expanding their capabilities of working and meshing together. It involves taking charge of your sensual self, savoring desire and the gift of passion. Here are my five tools.

1. Reclaim surrender. Take a moment to reminisce and reflect. Look back and surrender. When did you last feel soulful and sexy? Where were you in your life? What were you doing? What and who did you desire? Love, lust, how, who, what, when, where, jot it all down. Was necking a favorite pastime? Were intensity and euphoria present? 

2. Reclaim your schedule. Clean the slate and slow down. Savor life with all of your senses.

3. Reclaim freedom from overly harsh rules. Let go. Pretend you are invisible and no one is watching. Do what you want and worry less about what others will think or say. Make sex less complicated. Enjoy your sensuousness, your body, and your partner.

4. Reclaim and honor me time. Take lessons, start journaling, feeling, meditating, or deep breathing. Take your sensuality practice to heart. Give it the time and thought necessary to blossom.

5. Reclaim self-love and gratitude. Pamper yourself. Reconnect with your body and radiate.

Smile with a genuine smile. Receive the life you deserve.

Gift yourself these 5 tools for soulful sexiness. Grab yourself the gift of passion in real time.

Image: Henri Matisse, “Dance (1)” c. 1909


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