Lustful Again

Issue #35

By Robert

Watching Vivi live again was beautiful. It was obvious she preferred younger men. You could see her back arch and her breasts lift when she stopped to chat with that extra twinkle in her eyes. But tonight at the party, every man felt he had a chance when Vivi locked her gaze and smiled.

Vivi was hot back in the day. When I met her she was already going steady with Bill, but that never stopped us from flirting endlessly, practicing the mischievous craft of seduction and gossiping about secret sex moves.

Yet like many things in life, we often don’t appreciate them until they have faded or gone, and that’s what happened to sex and sensuality. Meeting up at the reunion as adults, our conversation was melancholy, reminiscing about the good old days.

“Rob, remember how wild we used to be? I never thought we would become sexless. When it’s in front of you and working fine, you don’t think of skipping sex for the week. But now that I’m not having it anymore, I really miss it,” Vivi lamented. Her whole body was limp and lethargic.

She was right, I too had completely forgotten my once sensual self. I just kept wondering how my Vivi, super adventurous, curious and lusty, could be in such a rut. But after a few more drinks, the two of us made a secret pact. We would fix our sexual slump.

“Yes, send me some of that crazy erotica you used to read with Tanya. I will start writing and turning those fantasies into reality,” Vivi giggled. She squeezed me so tight I almost burst.

Flash to the party, after her divorce and awakening fling. Vivi had re-emerged, savoring and celebrating the fruits of middle age. Don’t get me wrong, she kept all of her girlish charms and reclaimed her figure. But Vivi added layers of ease, complicity, and was even sexier than her younger self. That woman was definitely back on fire and I had to know how she did it.

“You know Rob,” Vivi said pensively. “Now that I’m over forty I don’t care if people think I am too wild or my boyfriend is too young. I don’t care if the man or I reach orgasm or if I look sexy doing it. I let my lover know I am totally into him, but I am into my own pleasure even more.”

She was right. Vivi could now be vulnerable and alluring before she got naked. We both could set aside preconceived notions of what sex should look like. We weren’t embarrassed to communicate what we truly wanted, “less of this, more of that, yes, yes and…”

Lusty again, I too savored being of a certain age that released me from the concerns of youth. And I framed the note Vivi sent me after our rendezvous:

“Savor the dance. Savor the fruits and freedom of experience – the magic of sex and sensuality”.


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