Savor Yourself

Phases and facets of pleasure

Issue #35

By Vivienne Arkell

As babies, we are all born sensuous pleasure seekers.  – Dr. Gayle Friend

What a marvelous reminder. Our life begins with us listening only our senses and our desire for sensual pleasure. So how do we arrive at midlife forgetting that we were born to be cuddled, tickled, and fed, while being held tight, nuzzled and played with? What happened?

Unfortunately, as adults, we learn to savor our memories rather than enjoy the present. Daily life takes over and focus is put on the tasks at hand – work, family, and money. We may grab a yummy bite for lunch, but even then, truly slowing down to savor every morsel is rare. We forget about our youthful pursuit of pleasure. Gratifying our senses becomes the last thing on our minds.

Starting this weekend, or even today, do yourself a favor and savor the younger you. Take a break from the chaos of life, and remind yourself what it means live as a sensuous, pleasure-seeking newbie. Engage the trinity of mind, body and spirit for this sensual journey.

Savor moments again through the mystery of tiny details. Use your mind to start the senses rolling. Of course your mind knows pretty much how the day is going to turn out. Your years and experiences serve you well as you’ve been there hundreds of times before. But look for the nuance in now, in today.

Pause to feel, smell and see what you are doing right now. How does the coffee mug feel in your hand? What are the scents in the room and the most visually pleasing object in sight? Take the time to notice, touch, and inhale everything around you. The more you engage your senses outside of the bedroom, the more aware and sensual you’ll be in the bedroom.

– With your mind in the present, engage your body to savor touch and pleasure. Seduce yourself. Cultivate pleasure within your body. Note the scent of your sheets and any lotions you apply to your body. Stroke your body. Feel the texture of your skin on different parts of your body. Enjoy the tingles, starting within you and your vessel. Don’t count on an orgasm. If it happens great, but you are just here to savor naked time alone and enjoy any waves of pleasure. Appreciate sensual touch for its own sake.

– With your body and mind open and involved, savor embodiment and wholeness. Being mindfully sensual and savoring pleasure nourishes your spirit and soul, reacquainting you with your sensual body. Feel the energy. Welcome the flow and emotions of intimacy, openness, even vulnerability. Savor the connections within – the deep, natural cycles and flow of pleasure. With a growing sense of embodiment, feelings of wellbeing increase and radiate to all aspects of your life.

Emerging from your sensual journey, you will be newly sensitized and primed for all sensual impulses. Relish how in touch you are again with your sexuality and the heightened physical pleasures of sex.

Return to the early days of your life story, when everything revolved around receiving and savoring pleasure. Slow down for pleasure, preparing your vessel for the journey by connecting with your senses. Savor curiosity, the moment, and yourself.

Image credit: Photo by Jon Levi


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