The Year of Excite

What most excites you?

Issue #44

By Vivienne Arkell

Just like a kid on their birthday, you’re awake and ready for the excitement. You’ve grown through all the lessons in the past year and are ready to move beyond, to the next chapter. Youthful thrill seeking still inside you, flash ahead a few decades. You’ve just been handed a willing lover. What are you most excited about now, this year?

Attuned to the sensual and sexual impulses that surround you, both your physical and emotional senses are at a high. Excite with enhanced body and mind awareness, even while walking to the grocery… if you allow yourself.

New knowledge, inspiration and experiences feed the sensualist. The Sensualogist and her circle of sensualists will continue exploring creativity, desires, power versus vulnerability, as well as intimacy, connection and competency. Now is the time to explore!   

Explore what excites you, and what you want more of…

These are just a few topics to heat up the avenues of exploration and open your travels to pure indulgence.

Some of you already feel the overlap of awaken and excite spilling into the circles of indulge. Your body, mind and soul vibrate and radiate. Sex is amazing and enriches your journey, your life. Dance and swirl with these and more during the next few months.

Awaken, excite, and indulge keep you sensually aware, curious, and wanting sex again and more often!

Continuing your sensual practice, savor sex, learn your body’s preferences, appreciate subtleties, delight in the details. Relish the power and pleasure of your mind, body, and lover all circling in harmony together. Dive deep into excite this year – prepare yourself for fearless indulgence.


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