Phase 2: Moving Beyond Awaken

Excite with enhanced body and mind awareness

Issue #21

By Vivienne Arkell

Awaken, Excite, Indulge. It’s super rewarding to hear from fans of The Sensualogist who are becoming more sensually aware, wanting sex again or more often. Kudos! Continuing the sensual journey, it’s now time to tune-in and turn-on. Feel excitement and new knowledge feeding your body and mind. Step up to embrace the power within you.

After some soul searching, practicing self-love gets easy. Fearlessness and showing your sensual side are also becoming natural as you embrace necking and the goddess within. Are you working towards full self-trust, self-expression, re-connecting, and renewing? Most likely you now have an idea what you want from your body and how to get it.

With a new awareness, sensuality and sexual feelings enter naturally into your life. Sensual energy within you is reborn. You cultivate this whole new way of perceiving your sexuality. The ability to feel no longer depends on others and self-validation might be a new mantra. You support yourself, your own personal feelings and thoughts. Sexual intelligence starts to inform your life choices. Karma unfolds, illuminating your sensual journey, process, and innovative ways to turn regular days into enriching ones.

During the excite phase, attuned to the sensual and sexual aspects of everyday living, both your physical and emotional senses are enhanced. A sense of embodiment is stronger within and you feel the flow. You take pleasure in lingering with your lover during naked time, not rushing towards the supposed perfect ending. You excite in enlightenment, explore romance and arousal ­– maybe even erotic readings by Anais Nin. Esther Perel could be your prophet as she examines ways to keep monogamous relationships exciting. Discover some sultry new sex tips from Lou Paget or Jaiya and Jon. And entries in your journal can be sparked 365 days a year through spiritual readings from the book Mirror of Intimacy.

Feel the overlap of awaken and excite spill into the circle of indulge. Your body and mind vibrate and radiate. Sex enriches your journey, your life.


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