What Feeds Sensuality?

Nourish your Sensual Nature

Issue #57

By Vivienne Arkell

Sensualists feed to feel. We can’t live without input that inspires our body to purr, our mind to hum, and our soul to roll. Last month we planted seeds of intent in our sensual garden. But how can we expect them to pop up without food, warmth and codling?

Our sex lives, just like plants, need coaxing to blossom, boosting them into vibrancy. Stoking growth depends on you, and what type or types of sensual nourishment can help you flourish. The details of your garden will fuel it. What sensual nutrients might do the trick?

  • Haptic experiences are the primary fuel for a happy body. Whether it’s a hug, massage, warm bath, or smooth sheets, our sensory receptors crave attention. Replenish yourself with some naked time and self-care. Touch yourself or get down to indulging in some necking with a partner. Touch equals pleasure. Pleasure is love.
  • To feed the mind, open up with flirtation and appreciation.Mental stimulation might also start with romantic notions, tapping into your dreams and fantasies.Growth and expansion of the erotic mind is fueled through curiosity. Romance novels and erotica are like vitamins for the mind, inspiring actions.
  • A feast for the soul means embodiment, intuition, and deep emotions are present and flowing. Sex is emotion. Sexuality rich in emotion is essential to our soul’s journey and growth. Enthusiasm for life and connecting with sensual energy will enrich you beyond belief.

Sex and flowers are natural, but like beautiful gardens, great sex lives and sensual bonds don’t just happen. They are created and will grow through intent and dedication. Nurture yourself and those sensual seedlings. Nourish, feed and fortify your sexual energy. Feel yourself and loved ones blossom and flourish.


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