Make Adventure Your New Ritual

Design your own sensual summer

Issue #53

By Vivienne Arkell

My brain woke up quite eager today because summer is upon us! I can’t quite put my finger on it, but bright days full of blue skies and warmth just get my juices and body flowing. Of course there are still projects, work, and obligations that need to be tended to. But I’ve decided to include a greater sense of adventure in my everyday rituals.

How’s she gonna do that you ask? Here’s what I’ve concocted, with a little help from and the three main categories of synonyms for adventures, to guide this new outlook.

Feat or Achievement: Re-program your brain to be fearless. Go beyond your usual way of thinking. Unblock your emotions. Leave yourself open to experimentation. Ask your lover or yourself to try new moves in the bedroom that are fresh and different. Buy a new toy and pleasure yourself to new levels. Date a younger man and don’t worry about the cougar gossip or get your S.O. to be wildly erotic with you. Have a summer tryst or necking marathon with your husband or partner. Your key words for inspiration are: conquest, coup, exploit, tour de force, triumph and victory!

Game or Entertainment: The Sensualogist isn’t promoting dangerous undertakings, but exciting experiences call for you to be bold. Sometimes great results involve risky business. What’s the worst that can happen if you keep a playful summer vibe and spirit of adventure? Whether you decide on a team adventure or role play, step out of the ordinary. Let your passion for fun override any mental blockage. If you might enjoy side splitting laughter and giggles during naked times, try some sex game apps. Or get out pencil and paper and match these words with an adventurous activity: amusement, recreation, frolic, lark, play, diversion, scheme, and romp.

Happenchance or occurrence: Be open to new connections and new experiences. Of course adventures can be scary. But when you embrace freedom and new perspectives you’ll learn a new thrill and want to do it again! Go on a blind date, engage in conversation with a stranger, or go to dinner or a bar alone. Leave yourself open to these notions: gamble, good luck, destiny, fortune, affair, fluke, future, advantage, milestone or phenomenon.

Break free of humdrum routines by adding sensual adventures and sway to your day. Make desires and dreams come true by stepping out, taking action, and choosing new experiences. If in doubt, say yes! It’s a warm and magical philosophy. Here’s to an adventure filled sexy summer for all! : )

P.S. Vivienne’s musings column will return in the fall…


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